Trip 071 - September 5, 2014 (Friday)

Mount Seymour Trail Hike

Mount Seymour Provincial Park

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Distance From Vancouver (South End of Lions Gate Bridge):
15 kilometers. Cross the Lions Gate Bridge and take the North Vancouver exit. North Vancouver has the most confusing road network in the entire Metro Vancouver, so forgive us for not giving detailed driving instructions - use a map or a GPS to get to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

Liked: Great natural views - this is one of the most spectacular trails in Southwestern British Columbia. Panoramic views of Metro Vancouver.

Of note: The trail is very popular - expect substantial crowds on weekends and holidays. Hiking boots and poles are recommended to the first pump (peak), and are highly recommended to the second and the third (main) peak. The trail beyond the first peak is NOT recommended for hiking in wet and, especially, icy conditions. Tree cover is minimal - sun protection required. Ran into several nudists at Mystery Lake.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Backroad Mapbook (2010 edition) Coordinates: Page 11 (North Vancouver) G6.

103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia (2008 edition): hike #43.

Related Website: Mount Seymour Provincial Park - BC Parks Official Site.

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31. After that, we went back to explore the second peak. It has this warning message nearby, which we saw on our way to the third peak.

North Vancouver Hiking - Mount Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada

32. These steep white rocks are not too hard to climb when they are dry.

Hike in North Vancouver Area - Mount Seymour Trail in Provincial Park British Columbia Canada

33. There is an interesting tree growing on the second peak.

Mount Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada

34. The second peak also has some really nice views.

View from Second Peak of Mount Seymour BC Canada

35. The third peak seen from the second peak.

View from Second Peak of Mount Seymour

36. The first peak, where we headed next, as seen from the second peak.

First Peak of Mt Seymour Seen from Second Peak of Mt Seymour

37. Now we are on top of the first peak, where the majority of hikers seemed to go during our trip.

First Pump (Peak) of Mt Seymour BC Canada

38. You can see Vancouver even better from the first peak, though the view is not as panoramic as from the third peak.

Greater Vancouver Seen from the First Peak of Mount Seymour BC Canada

39. And the natural views from the first peak are also almost as good as from the third.

View from the First Peak of Mount Seymour BC Canada

40. One more.

Mountains Seen from the First Peak of Mount Seymour British Columbia Canada

41. Zooming in.

Mountain View from the First Pump (Peak) of Mt Seymour BC Canada

Here is our video of the views from the first peak.

A Complete List of Our Videos

42. This raven was flying around before landing and starting to crow (or is it "to rave?").

Raven on the First Peak of Mt Seymour BC Canada

So, the raven was crowing, and we started filming it. Then, we observed a search-and-rescue helicopter hovering near the third peak, and pointed the camera at that heli. The helicopter then flew towards the first peak, where we were located, and started hovering there, before flying away. As we thought someone was missing, we dialled 911 to get more information and to see if we could help in the search. The North Vancouver RCMP dispatcher said she was not aware of any missing hikers. Ok, no problem, maybe they were training. We then returned to the parking lot and saw two RCMP cruisers. An officer was talking to a group of people. We then heard this officer talk on the cell phone to an apparently missing hiker, saying that the officer is going to sound his cruiser's siren to see if the hiker would hear it. The siren sounds, the outcome unknown. Shortly thereafter, the same yellow helicopter lands at the parking lot, drops off some equipment, and flies away. One by one four or five North Shore Search-And-Rescue staff arrive to the parking lot, where they have an office. Finally, about twenty minutes later, a call comes on the radio that the missing hiker was spotted by a helicopter. Happy end.

And here is the video of that hovering chopper.

A Complete List of Our Videos

43. Your return trip wouldn't be boring, as the views would still be there.

Mount Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada

44. Mount Seymour trail turned out to be a really enjoyable trip.

Photo of Mount Seymour Provincial Park British Columbia Canada

45. Here is a 12x zoom showing Alex Fraser bridge.

Alex Fraser Bridge Seen From Mount Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada

46. On the way back, we decided to go via Mystery Lake, seen in the photo below. And the only mystery there was why would several nudists (including at least one woman) decide it was ok for them to sunbathe naked? There are no signs advising that this is a "clothing optional" area, and there were many children enjoying the park at the time.

Mystery Lake Mount Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada

Despite the nudists, the hike was great, and comes greatly recommended, with a caveat that some of the stretches are very dangerous, and proper equipment is a must.

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